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We are excited to re-introduce online booking for our Nanaimo location!
Our business has had to pivot in many ways over the last few years, and as such, we have reconstructed our online booking platform. Our goal was to create a smoother experience for guests, with the added confidence that the correct services will be booked for our salon team.

Colour and technical salon services have evolved at a rapid rate – it’s what we all love about this industry!

To support that, keeping up with trends and new techniques required a new direction when offering guests the ability to schedule their own appointments on their own time.

Our new approach to booking colour/chemical salon services online focuses on the amount of time needed instead of requiring exact services to be booked.

“Salon Experience Blocks”, from numbers 1-6, may be selected when scheduling an appointment online.

These blocks can encompass a number of salon service treatments, and takes the guesswork out of knowing the specific services you may need for your next appointment.

Please note that there are no prices listed with block times as they will vary with each guest, stylist, and the services performed. Salon Experience Blocks are for the convenience of booking online, and do not have a specific dollar amount associated with them. Your service provider will curate your personalized ticket based on a combination of the services performed and the product used. Please see our base prices here for more information. 

Not sure which block of time is right for you?
Review our Salon Experience blocks here before booking online, and select a larger salon block time to ensure we have enough room to accommodate your needs. Your stylist will then direct you on the correct amount of time to book your follow up appointment as!

Each of our New Talent Stylists are available to be booked online!
Due to the extremely curated nature of our Experienced/Advanced/Creative Stylists schedules and services, not all stylists are open for online booking. 
If you are unable to book in with your preferred stylist online, please contact our front desk team and review our salon team bios here for more information.

Our spa services are not affected by this change, and can continue to be booked as usual!
Due to the extremely curated nature of some of our spa team’s services and schedules, not all spa providers are open for online booking. 
If you are unable to book in with your preferred spa provider online, please contact our front desk team and review our spa team bios here for more information.

Click here for more information on what services are included in our Salon Experience Blocks!

Please note that online booking is reserved for current guests. If you are a New Guest, online booking is not available.
Please click here for our policies and procedures, and contact our front desk to schedule your first appointment!
Once you have had your first appointment with us, we are happy to guide you in scheduling your future appointments online. 




For Nanaimo please call 250-716-9916, Parksville 250-248-2000 or email us at nanaimo@houseofkiyo.com


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