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January 12th, 2017

Dubbed the “new Olaplex”, meet our new agent, Bond, Smartbond.



We are falling for Smartbond and its ability to repair even the most bleached and frazzled locks, restoring them to their former glory.

SMARTBOND is a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during your colour service. The hair fiber and cortex is made up of Keratin chains that are linked by bonds. Smartbond strengthens these bonds to improve the quality, feel, and look of the hair.


What exactly does Smartbond do?

  • Targets weaker parts of the hair bond to strengthen and limit stress, keeping your hair glossy and frizz free.
  • Improves the overall finish of your hair allowing the colour to take uniformly and preventing the colour from fading.
  • Repairs and reverses colour damage on hair.

We highly recommend it for clients who have bleach or lightened hair as Smartbond blocks further damage, keeping your hair feeling strong and looking fabulous.


Does it affect my colour?

Of course it does, only in the best of ways, Smartbond adapts to colour products giving your colour longevity without affecting the lift or tone at all.



How does it work?

Smartbond is added to your colour when mixed and applied as normal. This colour is processed for the usual time. When the colour is ready to come off the hair is rinsed without shampoo and towel dried. Smartbond is then applied as a pre-shampoo all over and left on for a few minutes then rinsed, shampooed, and conditioned as normal.


How much does it cost?

Smartbond is added as an additional cost to your color service, starting from $10.


Home care

We recommend purchasing the Smartbond conditioner to use once a week at home in order to lengthen that salon fresh look. Pick it up at either of our Kiyo Salon locations for $36 and be a bond girl!


Ask one of our bond girls about a Smartbond package!