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March 10th, 2023

We’re On The Move!

We are so excited to share with you that after more than 20 years of serving you at the iconic 404 Stewart Avenue location, we are moving in Spring 2023!

This is not a second location, but a brand new custom-built destination to house Kiyo Salon and Day Spa!

Of course, you’ll have some questions about what that means for you and your future visits with us.

Read below for answers to some of our frequently asked questions, and make sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter for the most current updates on everything Kiyo!

We’re not going far! Only 1.4km away at 256 Wallace Street.

By Spring 2023
When we have the move in date finalized, we will be announcing it on our social media, our website, posted in-store (and probably shouting it from the rooftops!)

Why The Move? What’s Changing?

As many of our regular guests can attest, we have been bursting at the seams for years!

One of Kiyomi’s dreams has been to own the commercial property that houses Kiyo Salon + Spa. We are excited that she has achieved that goal, and we can welcome you to a bigger, custom-built space with room to grow and an elevated experience – all with the same amazing team and services you know and love!

If I have an appointment pre-booked, will I be notified if it’s in the new location?

Along with shouting it from the rooftops, our official move-in date will be posted all over social media and our website. 

You will also receive a follow-up text that will notify you if your appointment will be held at the new location.

If you’re not a big text-er – don’t worry!
Our concierge team will call you to confirm your appointment and ensure you know all the details about arriving at 256 Wallace Street. 

If you happen to phone our concierge team after their scheduled hours, our voicemail message will also include our official move-in date so you can be best prepared.

Where can I park at the new location?

Great Question!

Scroll down to see a map and all of our parking options. 

If you have an appointment that is expected to last 2 hours or less, there is an abundance of free street parking available in downtown Nanaimo! All of Wallace Street, Fraser Street, Fitzwilliam, Richards, Selby, and more offer this to our guests. 

If you have an appointment that is expected to last more than 2 hours, there are five free parking spots labelled “KIYO” in our parking lot off Fraser Street. If those are full, we suggest using the Wentworth Street Paid Parking Lot on the corner of Wentworth and Wallace, only one block away from our new location! Alternatively, Bastion Street Parkade is across the bridge on Bastion/Skinner Street towards downtown.


2 Hour free parking is Monday – Saturday until 5pm.
If you have an appointment over 2 hours that starts at 3pm or later, free street parking is available for you anywhere on Wallace Street or the surrounding areas listed above (and noted on the map below).















Is Parksville’s location changing too?

Yes, but in a different way!

The Parksville location, Kiyo Salon & Boutique, changed hands in ownership in December 2021 to Josh DeWaal!

Those clients who have been with us for a long time know how Josh was a staple at Kiyo since day 1 when doors opened in September 2002. Over the past few years, Josh began working solely out of the Parksville location. Once the new location project ramped up, some divine timing intervened, and Kiyomi sold him the location!

Expect a branding change from Kiyo Salon & Boutique to their new name, ‘Mooi Salon Group’ soon!

We wish Josh and the talented team at Mooi the absolute best!

Now that Parksville is a different salon, can I still redeem my physical Kiyo gift card there?

All existing physical gift cards that were purchased before the branding change can still be redeemed at Kiyo Salon & Boutique or Kiyo Salon & Day Spa, until further notice. 

These gift cards have the Nanaimo and Parksville old branding on the back of the card and stipulate that it can be used at either location.

After all new branding for each location has been established, if you receive a gift card with new branding it may only be used at that location and is not interchangeable. 

Kiyo Salon & Day Spa gift cards (physical and online) cannot be redeemed at Mooi Hair Group, and vice versa.

Are Concierge Hours Still Happening

As for now, Concierge hours will still occur, although these may be altered as we get more comfortable in our new space. Our client’s and team’s comfort and safety are of the utmost importance, and we understand that operating with limited Concierge Hours on our late nights may not be the best fit, especially when it gets dark for some client check-ins. 

Our doors will be locked at a time, still to be determined, for our late-night appointment arrivals; however, a Concierge member will be available to welcome you and check you in. 

Our Concierge team will be on staff to welcome all expected guests arriving for their appointments; however, you may experience a checkout process from your service provider instead if check-ins are complete for the evening (Express Checkout or Card Payment Only)

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and support as we worked through shorter Concierge hours in 2022!