Jennifer Power

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Year started at Kiyo:


Stylist Level:

Advanced Stylist.


Blondes, short hair services, cutting, and chemical re-texturizing

Why Kiyo?

The ongoing training and the positive enthusiastic environment. I love dealing with my clientèle.

Why did you choose this industry?

I love making others happy and seeing how they feel about themselves. Making people beautiful!

Who is your industry Inspiration?

Kiyomi and Josh De Waal are who I look up to.

Favourite Go-to product:

Kerastase Discipline Keratine Thermique and Bb Thickening Full Form Mousse.

What are your major accomplishments in life and business?

My major accomplishments in life are my family and my career I have built at Kiyo for 19 years. Also running 2 half marathons and a few 10km races!


Colour Keys, Colour Change, Colour Resolution, Easihair Pro Extensions, Red Seal Training, almost 20 years of other extended training and classes!

What are your favourite activities/hobbies outside of hair?

Running, shopping, watching my daughter swim and dance, walking.

What would be impossible for you to give up?

Family, chocolate, wine and working at Kiyo.

Favourite Quote or Saying:

“Don’t trust anyone who says you can’t do it. Show them you can!”