COVID 19 Appointment Protocols


Our policies have been put into place with direction from Bonnie Henry and WCB.

We will be following them to a T and as COVID-19 rules modify so will we.

Be patient with our team as we navigate through our procedures. We hope you understand that it is for the safety of all of us including our families and yours.

Here is what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you, as well as information regarding our sanitization practices.



  • You will need to text the salon as you arrive and when we are ready you will be called or texted to enter the premises.  You will be greeted by your service provider upon arrival inside Kiyo and a sanitization stand will be at the entrance to sanitize your hands and we will now we will be taking your temperature.
  • You will need to wear a proper mask (we will not accept the plastic ones that are open at the top). If you do not bring one, we will supply one and $2.00 will be added to your bill. Please remember it must stay on at all times in our salon or spa.
  • If you have travelled OUTSIDE of British Columbia, as of NOVEMBER 19th/2020 we kindly ask you to wait 14 days before coming in for your scheduled appointment.
  • If you are ill or have been feeling any symptoms of illness, you must reschedule your appointment. If we believe you are not feeling well, we have the right to reschedule your appointment.
  • Because we are running at a much smaller capacity and a restricted schedule it is more important than ever that you DO NOT CANCEL your appointment in less than 24 hours unless ill or showing symptoms.
  • Our cancellation policy is still be in effect if you are not ill.
  • If you cancel due to illness you will be unable to reschedule for 14 days.
  • The elderly needing support or assistance may be accompanied by a caregiver, but the caregiver must wait outside of the salon/spa.
  • No family (including children) friends or pets (sorry no PUPS), only you will be allowed to enter for your service.
  • Kids cuts are limited to children that are able to be unaccompanied by an adult.
  • We will avoid any unnecessary touching such as shaking hands or hugging.
  • No refreshments will be served and we kindly ask if you bring anything to drink that you only bring in sealed beverages (ie. water bottles).
  • Bring only what you need in, leave all items, backpacks, large purses, coats, etc. in your vehicle.
  • Any consultations for upcoming services or ‘new’ guests will be done via Zoom calls to limit the number of people in salon and spa.
  • We have directional arrows set up to help guide you safely through the building.
  • Limited contact is needed in our retail area, please only touch what you know you will purchase.
  • Our Service providers will be discussing retail purchases and encouraging prebooking during your appointment to restrict the number of people & time at our front desk. They will have it packed and ready for you at checkout.
  • You can now purchase retail online using our Shopify!! YAY!


  • Upon arrival all of our staff will have temperature checks.
  • All staff will be wearing masks BUT we promise we will be smiling with our eyes!
  • Service providers will be diligent with washing their hands before each guest and will wear gloves only when needed for specific services.
  • One cape per guest.
  • All of our station products will be sanitized between guests.
  • Full sanitization of our stations including chairs, trolleys, and product shelves between guests.
  • Full sanitization of our spa rooms, including beds, stands, doorknobs, and sink area between guests.
  • Full sanitization of all implements and tools between guests.
  • Only one guest per service provider.


  • We are open different hours than previously. Our Nanaimo location opening at 8:00am Tuesday through Friday.

(this is subject to change)

  • Our shifts have been staggered to accommodate 5 chairs only in our Nanaimo salon.
  • Parksville location will be using alternating stations to keep proper physical distancing.
  • Pedicure stations have been minimized, manicure stations to 1. 
  • All services can be performed in a room by request.
  • Spa in Nanaimo location has fully removed the waiting area.
  • Both locations will have plexiglass at the front desk.
  • All of our team will be sanitizing and cleaning all working areas with necessary hospital grade sanitizers and disinfectants and you will see schedules & checklists throughout the salon and spa ensuring we are on top of it. This will include door handles, light switches, etc.
  • Bathroom touch surfaces will be done every 2 hours with a thorough cleaning during shift change and at close every night.
  • We will have additional time between all appointments for sanitizing.
  • All laundry will be washed in hot water and put away immediately.
  • We will have only 3 staff allowed in the break room and staff will be encouraged to take breaks outside or in their vehicles.
  • We will be bringing our own cooler lunch bags, dish-ware, and utensils which will be put away promptly after eating.
  • We will be encouraging our amazing staff to be drinking a lot of water, it will be hot in our masks!
  • All service providers will be doing a thorough cleaning at the end of the shifts of their working space and helping out in other areas.
  • Floors will be mopped every evening.
  • Backbar will be disinfected every evening and throughout the day

Thank you for reading through our policies, we know it’s a lot.

This information has been written out and shared so that you know we have taken all the precautions and that we will be diligent with your safety and our own.

Be patient, be kind, we are all working through this!

Stay Safe