Our Commitment to Green

Green Circle Certified Salon



Green Circle Certified!

We work with Green Circle Salons to help recycle waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Every Friday the Green Circles van pulls up and takes away our metal, plastic, aerosol cans, chemical waste and even, hair! One of the most sustainable parts of Green Circle Salons are their hair booms. The hair that is swept off the floor is saved, recycled, turned into oil booms and stored until there is need for shoreline cleanup. They are working hard to make the salon industry sustainable by 2020; and that is something everyone can be on board with.

Sharing Beauty with All; The L’Oreal Sustainability Commitment

We will spare you most of the statistics; but L’Oreal has some great new initiatives up their sleeves to help deliver a vision of sustainability by 2020. A few of these include:

~100% of L’Oreal products will have an environmental or social benefit

~Emissions from factories will be reduced by 60%, as well as overall waste reduced by 60% (from a 2005 baseline).

~Enable more than 100,000 people from underprivileged communities, equivalent to the size of our global workforce, to access work.

At House of Kiyo, most of our L’Oreal colour services are available as ammonia free. Although there are times when certain products are needed to achieve results; you can often request a no-ammonia service.

House of Kiyo is proud to carry Davines; a new line of all-natural hair products. These zero-impact products are carbon-neutral, help support local Italian farmers, and use food-grade plastic for packaging to create more options for recycling and reuse. Not only are these products great for your hair and scalp, you can feel good knowing you are supporting a great company, working hard to create sustainable beauty.