Client Loyalty Program

After over two decades of business, we are always trying to find new and fabulous ways to thank our clients and to give back to them as much as they give to us. Our Client Loyalty Program is built on a point system, where clients earn points just by having regular services and purchasing their favourite products or gifts for their friends and family! Here is how our Client Loyalty Program works.

Clients receive:


 for each dollar spent on services or retail purchases.


As of April 1, 2023

You can now redeem points for perks!
Limited edition deluxe sample-sized products, and other branded swag from your favourite hair and skincare lines, can now be yours by redeeming points!
New offerings will be available regularly, and tiers of point redemption will be assigned to different perks.
Perks for points are only available in-store, so see what’s being offered on your next visit!


As of February 1, 2023

You can redeem your points to save up to 30% off your regular-priced retail purchases!
Ask your Kiyo Service Provider or Concierge how many points you have on your account and how much you can save on your next purchase.

Points are non-transferable and have no cash value.
Points cannot be combined with any other offer or discount – valid only on regular retail-priced items.
Points do not expire.
Loyalty Points and offers are subject to change without notice.

Hair Donations

The team at Kiyo truly believes in lending a hand in any way we can, and since hair is one of our main mediums, we believe in using it to help others!
Kiyo donates all usable hair to Eva & Co., a Vancouver-based company working directly with BC Children’s Hospital, providing wigs at no cost to BC’s youngest cancer patients.
Any individual who wishes to donate their hair will receive a complimentary haircut with an Associate Stylist.
Hair donation guidelines:

Hair must be clean, dry, and not swept off the floor
All donated hair must be at least 10” in length
Hair cannot be chemically processed in any way (colour, perm, or bleach)
Hair should be bundled in a ponytail at one end
Grey hair is accepted

Please inform the front desk before your appointment if you want to donate hair. We do the cutting, caring for, and delivering of donated hair.
If you request a New Talent, Experienced, Advanced, or Creative Stylist perform your haircut, we will happily donate the hair on your behalf; however, standard Extensive Haircut rates for those stylists will apply.

All it takes to donate is some extra hair and an appointment!
It takes 12 hair donations of unprocessed hair and approximately $1200.00 to craft a single, hand-sewn wig, so every single donation helps.