Rachel Dalueg

Year Started at Kiyo:



Experienced Stylist


Learning! Since I am newer to the industry I feel as though everyday I learn something new and it betters me as a stylist.

Why Kiyo?

Kiyo is an education based salon that I feel gives me endless opportunities to grow and evolve in this industry. I want to be the best stylist I can be and i know Kiyo’s supportive atmosphere and staff will help me achieve my goal to be successful!

Who is your industry Inspiration?

Everyone! With social media now I can learn techniques from a 7 year old girl to a master stylist in the industry. We are all unique and I love at this day an age we have endless possibilities for inspiration at our fingertips.

Favourite Go-to product:

Hairspray! I put it on everything!

What are your major accomplishments in life and business?

The last 3 years for me has been filled with growth & change. I am proud of everything I have accomplished from going back to school, to my healthy lifestyle changes.


VIU, Kiyo Academy, Colour Keys, Craft of Curl

What are your favourite activities/hobbies outside of hair?

I love being surrounded by nature! From the beautiful beaches to our stunning mountain tops, spending time in nature soothes my soul and recharges me.

What would be impossible for you to give up?

Chapstick… I think I have one on me at all times and of course my family!

Favourite Quote or Saying:

“Anything with a little sarcasm.”