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October 19th, 2015


DERMAPLANING is an extremely effective form of manual exfoliation. Dead skin cells, facial vellus hair AKA peach fuzz, and additional environmental debris are removed from the surface layer of the skin by one of our expert aestheticians using a sterilized surgical scalpel.

This process results in gorgeously smooth, bright skin, allows skincare products to penetrate deeper into the dermis, provides an unobstructed base for makeup to wear better and longer, and increases cell metabolism – which is just a fancy term that means your skin cells will turnover faster and more consistently.

All of our Esthetician’s are trained on THREE blades, to make sure you are getting what your skin needs, not just one. Pair your Dermaplaning with one of our Peels for optimal results.

Dermaplaning – $90, includes as many different blades as needed.

Package of 3 – $243

Package of 5 – $380

Dermaplaning with Custom Peel Add On – $140

Package of 3 – $380

Package of 5 – $595