Hair Cutting

At Kiyo, our team’s specialized training ranges from precision Vidal Sassoon cutting to a progressive and creative Bumble and bumble approach.
Each stylist evolves through our level system as they receive additional training, experience, and more demand for their time.
Ages 1 – 10 is considered children pricing, 11 and up is considered adult.
*Please note that each salon visit is subject to an additional 2% Eco Fee to support our Green Circles Salon partnership*

Style Change Haircut

The Style Change Haircut is a 90 minute appointment designed to cater to those who are looking to embrace a new look. If you’re ready for a change, have an abundance of hair that requires shaping or weight removal, or need assistance with styling, this service is perfect for you. It begins with a thorough consultation to understand your preferences, followed by our relaxing Kiyo signature massage, and concludes with a skillfully executed blowout to enhance your new hairstyle.

Creative – 150+
Advanced Stylist – $125 – 135
Experienced Stylist – $110 – 120
New Talent – $100 – 105

Classic Haircut

This is a 60 min service for the Kiyo guest that falls outside of our Repeat Maintenance Cut. Please schedule this service if you are a new client to Kiyo or do not have a stylist preference. If you are ready for a complete style change, please book the 90min Style Change Haircut.

Creative – $100+
Advanced Stylist – $85 – 90
Experienced Stylist – $75 – 80
New Talent – $65 – 70

Repeat Maintenance Haircut

This is a 45-minute service for regular clients to maintain the haircut you already love with your regular stylist. Includes a shampoo, Kiyo signature massage, and blowout. If you fall outside of our Repeat Maintenance Haircut perimeters please schedule one of our other haircut options. New guests must book a Classic 60min or Style Change for their first appointment.

Creative – $75+
Advanced Stylist – $65 – 70
Experienced Stylist – $57 – 60
New Talent – $48 – 53

Trim and Tidy

This 30-minute service is best booked for clipper cuts, short hair that doesn’t require blowdrying, and “dusting” performed on clean, dry, and flat ironed hair. The most popular choice among our male guests.

Creative – $50+
Advanced Stylist – $42 – 45
Experienced Stylist – $38 – 40
New Talent – $33 – 35

Children (10 and Under)

30 minutes

In consideration to the stylist if your child has an abundance of hair, please book “A Classic Cut”

New Talent – $33

Hair Styling

For special events or just because, our team will design a hair look to meet your vision.
*Please note that each salon visit is subject to an additional 2% Eco Fee to support our Green Circles Salon partnership*

Shampoo/Blowout 30 minutes

This service includes a shampoo, signature massage and a round brush blowout.

Creative – $50+
Advanced Stylist – $45 – 50+
Experienced Stylist – $40+
New Talent – $35+


No explanation needed! We look forward to giving you an amazing look for any event you are attending.

Creative – $125+
Advanced Stylist – $110 – $115
Experienced Stylist – $95 – $100
New Talent – $90

Bridal Upstyle

A personalized look for that incredibly special day!

Creative – $150+
Advanced Stylist – $130 – $135
Experienced Stylist – $115 – $120
New Talent – $100 – $105

Hair Colour

Every colour session begins with a personalized consultation and finishes with a blowout. If you are combining your colour with one of our Haircut services, the price will be decreased by $20-35.
Read through our service descriptions and find the service that best suits your vision. Still unsure what service to book? Our stylists offer complimentary in-person or virtual consultations to ensure that you are reserved for the appropriate colour appointment. Contact our front desk team for further information.
*Please note that each salon visit is subject to an additional 2% Eco Fee to support our Green Circles Salon partnership*

Regrowth Touch up (1’’ or less of regrowth)

This is for our guests that have a professional colour and need that 4 – 6 week touch up.

Creative – $140+
Advanced Stylist – $100 – 115+
Experienced Stylist – $90 – 95+
New Talent – $90+

Classic Colour Gloss

This is for the guest who wants high shine, some depth and soft coverage. (Suitable for those with 50% grey or less)

Creative – $115+
Advanced Stylist – $94 – 102+
Experienced Stylist – $88 – 91+
New Talent – $85+

Regrowth & More

A service for guests who are looking to go darker from roots to ends with one solid colour, or for those who have longer than 1” of regrowth.

Creative – $160 +
Advanced Stylist – $120 – 130+
Experienced Stylist – $110 – 115+
New Talent – $105+

Bold Beauty

Guests can enjoy a rainbow of colours after having an in-salon or virtual consultation. This service includes a bleach out and fashion colours.

Charged hourly.

Creative – $100+ per hour
Experienced Stylist – $85 – 90+ per hour
Advanced Stylist – $75 – 80+ per hour

Tone, Treat & Style (includes Kerastase Treatment)

This service includes a toning service at the sink, Kerastase treatment, and a blowout.

Feeling like you need some shine and life back into your hair? This service includes a toner at the sink (or shadow root), an express conditioning treatment, and style at the chair. The perfect refresh to tide you over between your next balayage or highlighting service!

Creative – $125+
Advanced Stylist – $105 – 115+
Experienced Stylist – $85 – 95+
New Talent – $75 – 80+

Bleach Out

This service is booked after an in-salon consult or video consult only. If you are booking online there will only be a Bleach out consultation available.

Colour Correction

Kiyo Creative – $120+ per hour
Advanced Stylist –  $110 – 115+ per hour
Experienced Stylist – $100 – 110+ per hour


All highlight and balayage services include a L’Oreal Professional Smartbond treatment and are finished with a Kiyo Signature Blowout.  If you are combining your colour with one of our Haircut services, the price will be decreased by $20-35.
Unsure of which one works for you? Call our front desk team or book an in salon or virtual consultation.
Smartbond: is a two-step process added to your colour service which is designed to protect and strengthen the bonds deep within the hair.
*Please note that each salon visit is subject to an additional 2% Eco Fee to support our Green Circles Salon partnership*

Face Frame

Foils are placed in the T-ZONE area and are used to brighten up around the face.

Creative – $160+
Advanced Stylist – $140 – 145+
Experienced Stylist – $120 – 125+
New Talent – $105 – 110+

Full Head

This is our most popular service and creates a blended full-highlighted look. In this service, foils are placed around the entire head while still leaving out some of your natural.

Creative – $235+
Advanced Stylist – $200 – 210+
Experienced Stylist – $175 – 185+
New Talent – $150 – $160+

Half Head

Feeling like you want more than just around your face, but don’t want to commit to an entire head of highlights? In this service, foils are placed strategically to brighten up around the face and to create a little dimension further back towards the crown. You will see no highlights behind your ears if you pull it up.

Creative – $185+
Advanced Stylist – $165 – 155+
Experienced Stylist – $135 – 145+
New Talent – $120 – $125+

Luxury Dimension

The MORE foils the better! Our Luxury Classic is for the BLONDE of all blondes! This service has a back-to-back foiling technique to give you the lightest possible look without doing an on the scalp application (bleach out).

Creative – $285+
Advanced Stylist – $205 – 215+
Experienced Stylist – $190 – 195+
New Talent – $185 – 195+

¾ Head

The “three-quarter classic” is a perfect service to get some highlights placed on most of your head but to still have noticeable amounts of your natural colour. When you pull your hair up you will see a few softly blended highlights along your hairline in the back.

This is for the guest that wants some highlighting underneath, but with a good balance of natural colour.

Creative – $210+
Advanced Stylist – $180 – 190+
Experienced Stylist – $155 – 165+
New Talent – $135 – 143+

Add on a Base Blend (15 min) $30.00

Base Blend; This is for the guest that would still like a root touch-up added to their highlighting service.

Enhancements & Treatments

Enhancement definition: the process of improving the quality, amount or strength of something
Feel free to add these onto any services that are listed within the description.
*Please note that each salon visit is subject to an additional 2% Eco Fee to support our Green Circles Salon partnership*

Kersastase Fusio Dose 

$35 – An express, tailor-made treatment, with up to 30 possible pairings. The instant, long-lasting results can target 2 key hair concerns including dryness, damage, frizz, density, and dullness. Add onto any service, no extra time needed.

Tone & Treat (Kerastase Fusio-Dose)

$80+ – add this onto any haircut or shampoo blowout.
Receive a toning service or shadow root with a personalized Kerastase Fusio-Dose Treatment! This service will be sure to tide you over between your blonding colour services.

Base Blend

$30+ – This if for the guest that would like a (colour) root touch up added to their highlighting service.


$15 – Kerastase and Bumble available.

Kiyo Signature Looks

All signature services will include a Kiyo Signature Blowout. These looks are handcrafted just for YOU!
To book this service, you must be a regular guest at Kiyo or have an in-salon or virtual consult to ensure the correct timing is booked. These services are charged hourly.
Creative – $100+ per hour
Advanced Stylist –  $85 – 90+ per hour
Experienced Stylist – $75 – 85+ per hour
*Please note that each salon visit is subject to an additional 2% Eco Fee to support our Green Circles Salon partnership*


This is a soft and subtle look, made for our laid-back, low maintenance guests. During this service, freehand techniques are used to create subtle highlights and soft brightness. This service is not a high contrast end result.

The Melted, Lived-In Mane

Looking for a more bold and high contrast colour? This service uses multitudes of techniques and creates high contrast dimension. Colour, foilyage, balayage, and highlights might all be used in this service.

Island Blonde

The next step up from our Sun-kissed signature look. Island Blonde is also perfect for our low maintenance guests, with added brightness around the face and lightness on the ends.

Transform Me!

Looking for a BIG change? This service has no limits and can include fashion colours or transitioning from light to dark. All guests including regular Kiyo guests must have a consultation prior to booking this service.


Do you dream of long, luxurious locks but hate the thought of waiting for them? House of Kiyo has a variety of different styles of extensions which we tailor to suit your hair and your life. All of our extensions are made of 100% real hair remy cuticle intact hair and are colour matched,  coloured,  and ordered on an individual basis. If you think it’s time to embrace more fullness or length, please come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our extension experts!
Our stylists are certified in Hand Tied, Tape-In, K-tips, and I-Tips.

**Consultation required for accurate quoting**


When seeking something longer lasting than a blow-dryer can provide to enhance or alter the natural texture of your hair, consider Re-Texturizing. Kiyo Salon uses the finest products to give you a longer lasting, finished look textured just the way you desire it.
May we recommend a Cezanne Smoothing Treatment? A treatment will last from 3-5 months, based on hair type, and uses all-natural ingredients to smooth hair from the cuticle. Hair will still hold a curl, can still be worn in a ponytail and leaves no line of demarcation while growing out.
A complimentary consultation is required with one of our Re-Texturizing experts before booking your first appointment.
*Please note that each salon visit is subject to an additional 2% Eco Fee to support our Green Circles Salon partnership*

Chemical Relaxer $85+
Permanent Waves (based on consultation)
Cezanne Smoothing Treatment (based on consultation)

At Kiyo Salon & Day Spa we strive to create the ideal look for each guest and take pride in our work and services. If you are unsatisfied or have any questions or concerns, please notify us within 1 week of your visit. All services are non refundable. Please see our Salon Etiquette page for more details.